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Published: 28th September 2009
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With more and more women joining the work force in India, there is great demand for vehicles which girls and women can easily ride and handle. Two wheelers are the most popular vehicles for they offer great comfort, affordability and fuel economy. There are some really good two wheelers available in this segment. One of these popular scooters is Hero Honda pleasure. It has got the tagline "Why should boys have all the fun?" only because it is designed and targeted specially for women. This scooter is launched by Hero Honda to give a good competition to other scoters in this segment like Scooty Pep and Honda Activa.

This scooter is rather expensively priced than other scooters of this line. You can get it Rs.36500 (ex-showroom Delhi). The reason behind its high pricing is its 100cc engine and its place in premium bike segment. Otherwise too, this scooter has great features, good performance, nice mileage and great fuel economy.

On the looks front, this scooter is superb. This is one of the best looking scooters in India till now. Though Scooty Pep is also a winner on looks front but this scooter can give stiff competition. To be the companion of today's woman, this scooter is the perfect blend of cute looks and strong performing features. This is powerful and high capacity scooter. This is neither a skinny scooter nor an as broad as the Activa or Suzuki access. Can you imagine the color range; this scooter is available in as many as nine colors. Just perfect for woman who loves vibrant colors!

Performance wise, this scooter gives you the pleasure of riding a bike. That is why this scooter is called as the bike. The engine is so smooth and silent that you won't realize any noise at all. Though there are few drawbacks like it takes few seconds to respond while accelerating but pick up and stability is quite good. A neatly designed dashboard has the speedometer which has a green area. This green area is between 30 to 50 kmph and at this speed, it give the best mileage which means minimum fuel consumption.

Hero Honda Pleasure features a puncture resistant tuff up tube. It has ceramic layer on the top of air component which resists sharp objects. The dickey below the seat is large enough to hold a full-face helmet which is a very useful feature.

Riding a Hero Honda Pleasure is a great fun and owing one is also great pleasure. This is because of the credibility of company and reliability of customer service.

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