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Published: 29th May 2008
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Godrej is a brand that spans in various fields, from high tech engineering solutions to world-class consumer products. A brand known for its trustworthy quality and its ability to satisfy customer needs, has successfully won the hearts of millions of Indians. The company is not just known for the material output that it delivers, but is also respected for its philanthropy and instigation of labor values of fair, transparent and ethical dealings.

Godrej has been manufacturing refrigerators since 1958. Godrej refrigerators have been the leading brands in the industry. This is a brand known for making remarkable innovations and their due applications in refrigerators. Revolutionizing the cooling appliance with PUF (Polyurethane Foam) in 1989, introducing 100% CFC free refrigerators, coming up with the Godrej Pentacool with five sides cooling in 2001 and Penta-fresh Technology in 2004 are all examples of the above claim. These milestones have made the Godrej a leading brand in the industry.

The recently introduced EON range of Frost Free Refrigerators that has seven wonders included in them, is a first-rate example of Godrej's product innovation keeping in mind its consumer's desires & requirements. This new range of refrigerators offers a perfect balance in style and substance. It has beautiful exteriors and vibrant colored interiors. Out of the several unique features introduced in it, some are brand new in India and some are brand new in the world.
This range has three patent applications ie

(i) Cool Shower Technology - This ground-breaking technology has it's the shelves acting as air ducts and ensure uniform cooling in all parts of the refrigerator.
(ii) Swivel shelf - This feature rotates the shelves, thus permitting easy access to the containers at the back.
(iii) Integrated Ice Hangers - With this feature, the ice trays slide below the freezer shelf saving space.
The other features in this range include three designs Apex and Giga door designs and Poly Bag Suspenders. The poly bag suspenders design has - special hooks in the freezer so you can hang poly bags. Largest Vegetable Tray, 2.5 L Aqua Space, Rotary Humidity Jog Dial, Tinted Shelves, Anti - B Technology etc, are some of the other features that make the EON range an outstanding one.
The innumerable awards and recognition bear a testimony to Godrej's demand and position in the market. godrej refrigerators has been voted as the most preferred refrigerator brand by the consumers themselves. In spite of the tough competition in the market, Godrej has time and again proved itself by maintaining its top position.

By choosing Preity Zinta as its brand ambassador Godrej has successfully shifted its brand perception from being an old refrigerator to a young and cool one. Godrej has courageously experimented with varied colors of refrigerator and has been successful in it too.

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