Electric Chimneys

Published: 02nd February 2010
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In this fast moving hi-tech world, kitchens are no longer behind. Modern kitchens are like science laboratories, complete with all kinds of hi-tech gadgets. Electric chimney is among those modern kitchen gadgets. Traditional exhaust fans are being replaced by the electric chimneys.

During the cooking process, lots of smoke and odor gets emitted. In deep-frying cooking, there is lots of greasy smoke comes out. If there is not proper ventilation, whole house gets filled with that continuous greasy smoke coming out of the kitchen.

Electric chimney offers excellent ventilation. It absorbs all the smoke and smells. Then send them out through a vent. Presence of an electric chimney keeps the home clean and odor-free. If you are fond of deep fried food, then your kitchen needs a chimney with high suction power. In addition to the chimney, you also need a wall hood.

However, if you want your chimney to work efficiently and for longer time, you need to take proper care of it. There is a grease filter inside the chimney. Continuous use makes this filter accumulate grease and dirt. To keep this filter open, clean your chimney regularly. Clean it regularly once in two weeks. It also has the charcoal filters that work for absorbing the odors. These filters should be replaced on regular basis. If you do not want to replace the filter often, you have option of ducting. At the time of installation, you can get this at one-time investment.

When buying an electric chimney, take out time to research for the best product. Installing an electric chimney is a big investment. There are many brands and many models available in the market. Choose the one according to your requirements and the liking. It should blend with the style and decor of your kitchen.

Electric Chimneys are strategically placed over the cook tops and stoves. Unlike traditional exhaust fans, they suck even the smallest smell or smoke quickly. It leaves kitchen absolutely smoke-free. It also save your eyes from harmful spicy fumes which otherwise might get into.

You can choose from traditional and designer chimneys. Design and make of traditional chimneys is more focused on performance rather than looks. On the other hand, designer chimneys are a combination of looks and performance. They add an elegant touch to your kitchen.

Most popular of all are the sleek looking stainless steel chimneys. They can blend with any type of kitchen decor. Most of the chimneys come with lifelong warranty.

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